As far as I am concerned, writing is a challenge. Fortunately, this academic year I have learnt different ways to improve my writings.   As a matter of fact it requires planification, time, investigation and effort. It is not just writing down ideas at random. I have to think about my thesis statement, my audience, the register I am going to use, the type of essay and so on. The different authors we have read reinforced the important elements of a writing piece: the cohesion, coherence, the context and etc. Something I would like to highlight is the analysis of the literary essay that we discuss in class. I came back home with headache trying to understand and notice all the different chains of connections within a text. I really enjoy that class. Moreover, the lessons help me to write, but also to teach English in context at school. I really appreciate all the training. I know that I need to continue practicing and improving my language and writing skill, but all the tools I have learnt this year help me to enjoy the process and to do it better. 


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